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    Del Fine Artist

Blind, Black, British Woodcarver

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Himsa (To Injure or Strike)

No one imagined 2020 to close in a thunderous climax. An injury sustained December 16, 2020, to create numerous physical ailments and prevent whatever artistic ascension was occurring. It all literally came to a crushing halt.

Now unable to wood carve, as able to execute in the past, Del Fine Artist is left attempting to answer the question posed by many: “What are your future artistic career goals?”

In all honesty, he is not quite sure what that forecast looks like. However, this would appear to be the time to launch and promote the spiritual endeavors that have been of equal importance during his woodcarving aspirations: yoga and meditation.

Yoga is a passion Del has undertaken for ten years and sees as a life study. Sitting meditation, although new, is also becoming a life study, with perhaps more challenges than one could imagine.

Reinvention (Incarnation)

As a conceptual fine artist, could performance art or the role of “theatre practitioner,” which is far removed from anything undertaken in the past, provide an opportunity to sustain and provide the ability to explore other avenues within the field of contemporary art?

To incorporate spiritual concepts with art in mind could be a daunting task; this may be where spiritualism and art are to be two separate endeavors. Or is the artist to embrace the challenge, exploring entirely new creative possibilities in their union? A 501(c)(3) with yoga and meditation at its core?

Time will tell. As of now, the drive is still to move upwards and forwards! Updates to follow soon.

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