In Words and Out Woods

Funded by RACC

Theme: In Words & Out Woods showcases a nontraditional approach to wood carving/assemblage. The process is akin to the use of building blocks to create a multitude of architectural forms. These assemblages focus on the dynamics of the human form, highlighting African or cultural appropriation of Black-related discarded ready-made objects. The purpose is to present a new way of seeing aspects of Black culture from the perspective of a western Black artist. The result is to demystify or unveil cultural stigmas attached to blackness, breaking down cultural barriers, not so much for those who are inherently familiar with Black art; but for a new audience with less exposure to Black culture.

The word “power,” in both positive and negative definitions, encompasses the social domains of politics, religion, the law and mob mentality. The media is perhaps the most compelling and influential instrument of that power. These assemblages can be seen as an illustrative rebuttal of the abuse of power.